Electrical Engineer

Kirk Bigelow is a talented diverse engineer with the ability of making projects work from the system level down to the functional details. He prefer to foster a team working environment. Working for NASA contractors for 18 years, he has taken many projects from concept to production ready. With his primary focus of electrical engineering, he has worked in the following areas: hardware electronics – digital and analog, robotics and automation, avionics & simulation systems, and information technology with more to come. Publications from his successful projects are “Flexible Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Input/Output (I/O) Card” NASA Tech Brief June 2010, “A Robotic System for Inspecting HEPA Filters in a Large Cleanroom” and “An Open Architecture Robot Controller for NASA’s Robotics Application Development Laboratory” Along with his work experience, he has expanded his initial Electrical Engineering Bachelor Science education from Iowa State University in the following areas: Microware RF design, High Speed Digital Design & EMI, VLSI Cad, Linear Circuits, Optoelectronic & Photonic, Organic Solar Cells, Robotics, Modern Controls, Electric Machines, Machine Learning, and Instrumentation.