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Our purpose is to bridge the gap between university inventions and the marketplace commercialization of these inventions. As a result, consumers will get access to the most innovative products available. This improves workplace efficiency, increases profits, saves production time, and drastically improves their quality of life.

We do this by attracting teams of forward-thinking, intelligent, trustworthy people that desire to collaborate on meaningful business ventures. In fact, every team we organize is passionate about the benefits of each innovation and has proven experiences & skills to benefit the team.


Each executive team follows our track record of success in acquiring new technologies. Our company acquires leading-edge technologies from distinguished universities such as the University of Notre Dame located in South Bend, Indiana and MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Major universities and government labs across the nation receive over $74 billion in the form of grant money for research & development. These grants are used to finance countless hours in research, design, testing, and to pay highly trained staff (PhDs in many cases) to guide the development of disruptive technological inventions.


Universities and government labs receiving grants are limited in their commercialization capacity due to the non-profit status of each organization. Therefore, these entities require a private sector partner, like us, to commercialize the technology and take the new invention public.


University & government labs are highly selective in partnering with for-profit companies. Therefore, not any business qualifies to acquire these valuable inventions. We’re qualified because of our distinguished executives in leadership positions, experience in acquiring new technologies and because of our track record.


We represent a rare opportunity to get valuable technologies before anyone else. In this manner, we drastically mitigate risk because we circumvent the “invention risks” of development. Additionally, we select intellectual property that is technologically proven.


You get to feel rewarded by introducing a meaningful product to the world. At the same time, you’ll be in position to potentially realize any financial rewards of a high-tech product to maximize your profit potential.


When you partner with us, you’ll be part of a collaborative team of distinguished business partners. We will teach you how it works, why it works, and hand-hold you through the process of taking a university developed technology to the public. As a result, you will be working with a team of highly skilled, passionate, individuals helping you achieve something meaningful and rewarding.